Wayfinding for a clinical environment

Pontoon Dock

Working closely with the London Borough of Newham, our first healthcare wayfinding project utilises an elegant and updateable signage system that’s perfect for the clinical environment.

Functional and flexible

Health and wellbeing has never been more important than it is today and signage to help people understand how to use and access those spaces safely is equally so. Our solution for Pontoon Docks was clear — clean design and a flexible and reconfigurable system ideally suited to their evolving needs.

Pontoon Docks DNCO17 Pontoon Docks DNCO31 Dnco Pontoon Docks23 Pontoon Docks DNCO20 2

Clean and clear navigation

Pontoon Docks holds both a community maternity service as well as GP clinical rooms, so differentiating these destinations was key. We employed a clean typographic system in a restrained colour palette, combined with clear floor marking and a set of bespoke icons to made the centre stress-free to navigate.

Pontoon Docks DNCO33
Pontoon Docks DNCO35 Pontoon Docks DNCO2
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Black and white and crystal clear

Royal Docks signage

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