Moorgate Exchange

Connecting the dots

Moorgate Exchange is a new development on the site of the City of London’s old telephone exchange. Designed to attract non-traditional City businesses, the graphic identity and project materials push City corporate property marketing far beyond the carpeted boardroom.

The graphic identity references old switchboards and the new building’s distinctive quadrilateral shape. The identity is playfully expressed on oversized pegboards and display system, custom furniture, website, foil-blocked half-tone imagery and bespoke diagonal zipper-perforated envelope.

Large-scale and bold signage is constructed in perforated yellow powder-coated steel, with grey pegs or illuminated jacks. A film ident was shot entirely in camera and uses fibre optics to allude to the site’s new guise as a modern exchange of ideas and business.

The project was awarded D&AD recognition in the Wayfinding/Signage and Integrated Graphics categories.

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