White City Place

Creating the creative business district

Creativity is a business imperative. Finding inspiration and turning a small kernel of an idea into a world-changing one – it’s the life blood of successful businesses. When the BBC vacated three buildings at the centre of one of London’s largest and most exciting regeneration projects – White City – there was a unique opportunity to specifically design a new district to fuel, sustain and grow creative businesses. Our brief from developers Stanhope was to inspire their vision in others.

Built on the idea of ‘networked for creative thought’, we have created branding and marketing that celebrates White City Place as the crucible for creative ideas – a hub where transport, social, brain, and technical networks come together to provide modern businesses with the inspiration to thrive. We have captured that spirit in a brand that is dynamic, flexible, and interconnected.

The kinetic brand identity moves and expands into patterns that express the fluid nature and power of networks. As different paths cross, they merge and shift to form something new and exponential – limitless in their ability to grow in scale or intensity. 

The colour scheme takes a cue from the way ‘white’ light can be broken down into a spectrum. Mixing and blending, the use of colour too is representative of how you get new and interesting results when you mix and blend minds together.

Brochures, website, animated ident, hoarding, iPad app and marketing suite come together for the full networked experience. Our brand work was featured by Design Week and Collate.


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