A new creative campus

White City Place

Three empty ex-BBC buildings stood in the middle of one of London’s most exciting regeneration projects, White City. Our challenge was to inspire a vision of this site as London’s next generation-defining creative hub.

Brand strategy

The need to be creative is a business imperative. This campus brings together the brain, social, transport and technical networks required for innovation, so we created a dynamic graphic identity that expresses the overlapping and interaction of ideas and people — summed up by the line that White City Place is ‘networked for creative thought’.

Dnco Wcp 03

Visualising networks

Printed materials were created with two aims: first to demonstrate why innovation happens where it happens with engaging editorial; and second, to provide the details about the architecture, culture and connectivity of the campus. 

Dnco Wcp 07 Dnco Wcp 06 Dnco Wcp 05

Immersive experience

We created an exhibition space to bring the brand into the physical environment with a gradient light wall punctuated with insights from the people and technology transforming White City.

Dnco Wcp 09 Dnco Wcp 14 Dnco Wcp 10 Dnco Wcp 11 Dnco Wcp 12

Industry credibility

Earning creative industry awareness and credibility was key to the campus’s success. So we came up with the idea of London’s first mobile podcasting studio as a home for creatives to make the most of this growing platform, and asked Fathom Architects to design what would become know as the 'Pod'. At the same time we launched Thought Starters — White City Place's very own podcast about the business of creativity. These initiatives have built important and lasting relationships between leading figures and the campus.

Wcp  Podcast 6 Thought Starters 03
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