Podcasting at White City Place

London’s centre of podcasting

The White City Place brand is built around the positioning of ‘networked for creative thought’. In the months leading up to its completion, the west London creative campus needed a big idea to enliven the area. That idea was podcasting.

A mobile podcasting studio

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing forms of media, and White City Place will champion this unlike anywhere else in London. We asked Fathom Architects to design an eye-catching mobile studio — or Pod — where young brands, publications and storytellers can record their podcasts, while creating buzz around White City Place.

Wcp Pod Overview 2 Wcp Pod Detail 1 Wcp Pod Detail 2

A podcast about the business of creativity

Recorded from the Pod at White City Place, Thought Starters is a podcast that features conversations betweens London’s leading creatives. Produced by dn&co with David Michon, previous guests include Nelly Ben Hayoun, lighting designer Michael Anastassiades, Pentagram partner Marina Willer and Albert Hill, founder of the Modern House.

Wcp Podcast 3 Thought Starters 04