Wayfinding at The National Galleries of Scotland

Inviting visitors to discover more

  • Client

    National Galleries of Scotland
  • Location

    Edinburgh, Scotland


The National Galleries of Scotland’s incredible collection is housed in four architectural jewels amongst Edinburgh’s hills

Our wayfinding system pulls everything together — unifying the Galleries and giving visitors an invitation to discover more of this awesome collection

Revealing hidden stories

In order to unlock the secrets of the collection we created a new level of information at the top of the directories and directional signs that reveal the hidden stories and forgotten corners of the galleries.

We also created a unified series of plans for each of the five buildings, providing a warm, helpful welcome at every entrance.

Discovery around every corner

In conjunction with the wayfinding, DNCO also rebranded the National Galleries of Scotland which resulted in a marque reflecting art’s powerful ability to let us see the world from different perspectives.

Our signs embody the same idea with two chamfered edges giving them depth and dynamism, as well as providing a unifying element for the hundreds of signs across the galleries. Painted in a colour designated to each gallery, the chamfered form has an important function too — acting as a beacon that catches your eye. Our custom icon set also reflects the angles of the identity and works singularly at scale, or as part of more detailed signs.

DNCO’s expertise and experience guided us superbly through the complex wayfinding process, ensuring the strategy and design worked for our visitors and aligned with our new brand.

Leanne Mabberley, National Galleries Scotland

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