Rebranding wine and food

Vinoteca is a collection of London restaurants inspired by the wine bars of Spain and Italy that often also act as shops for local wine. The brainchild of partners and friends Brett Woonton and Charlie Young, our job was to refresh this friendly face of fine wine and formalise a familiar brand of informal dining.

Wine and food, friends and conversation – we have distilled their more organic approach to graphics into a clean structure based on the industry-specific notion of pairings. With an emphasis on balance and clarity, it embodies their welcoming and easily digestible take on the complicated world of wine.

Results cover menus on unpretentious sugar paper stocks and newspaper-format wine lists for reading at home, to large-scale signage and wine shop website – all fortified by new brand identity with typographic roots in the traditional wrought ironwork of Mediterranean vineyards.

Vinoteca Business CardVinoteca Photo Pouring At BarVinoteca Winebottle Neck Tags
Vinoteca Word Brand
Vinoteca Menu Detail
Vinoteca Neck Label Detail
Vinoteca Signage V
Vinoteca Printed Matter Iso Grid
Vinoteca Printed Matter Stack
Vinoteca Menus Stacked
Vinoteca Wine List
Vinoteca Wine List2
Vinoteca Wine List Tabs
Vinoteca Website Desktop
Vinoteca Website Mobile
Art Direction
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