Architecture for ideas

The Post Building

The transformation of an old Royal Mail sorting office in a little-known corner of the West End needed a brand that turned the volume up. Our strategy spoke directly to businesses focussed on their staff: volume to think big, connectivity to attract the best talent, and design to liberate creative expression.

Volume. Connectivity. Design.

The Post Building is not a place you’d build again — mammoth bones support a volume unheard of in contemporary urban architecture: it’s a post-industrial space in the middle of London. AHMM’s ambitious design plans combined with a buzzing central, yet undervalued location led to our positioning as ‘Architecture for ideas’.

Together with this clear and engaging purpose we created an animated structural graphic identity representing the core concepts of volume, connectivity and design. Combined with a pure, uncomplicated wordmarque and a powerful Yves Klein blue drawn from the iconic double-helix mail chutes that ran through the building, it made for an immediately recognisable and elegant brand.

TPB Casestudy Select 4

Digital flexiblity

A stealthy and patient pre-let campaign led to one of the most significant deals that year — to global management consultancy McKinsey & Company.

The digital nature of the materials we produced, centred around our bespoke app, meant we could remain both portable and responsive to changing requirements. The ability to tell bespoke non-linear narratives was critical for in-person presentations, while an elegant website brought an editorial slant to bear on more remote conversations.

Loud and clear

The factory-scale of the Post Building was the perfect reason to ramp up the volume of physical communications — from unmissable 6m-high hoardings in that particular shade of blue, to oversized brochures celebrating the unique architecture.

Once the building was revealed, the monumental facade became a canvas for expressive modular window graphics. Our solution here allowed light to flood into the spaces, while also showcasing the size and potential of the units on offer.

TPB Casestudy Select18 TPB Casestudy Select20 TPB Casestudy Select19

A singular approach

This was a brand with a clear purpose and singular vision; playful yet uncompromising in its expression — and decidedly effective.

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