One Fulton Market

The Chicago destination that defined a neighborhood

  • Client

    CRG, Shapack Partners


One Fulton Market is a new destination
bringing workspace, amenities, apartments
and public realm to the center of Chicago’s
most exciting neighborhood

We created a brand that captured the essence 
of this place by defining the legacy and
value of its neighborhood once and for all

Right place, right time

Fulton Market is Chicago’s central social district and its marketplace for ideas. Despite a staggering rise to fame, Fulton Market still lacked a coherent story — it was at a critical juncture. This presented a huge opportunity for our clients Shapack and CRG who had, for years, been instrumental in making this place what it was. After all, it was Shapack who brought the likes of Soho House and The Hoxton here.

Through interviews, on-the-ground research and workshops, we identified a sea change in how people approached finding space to live or work: we don’t just choose space but a neighborhood. This irrefutable truth was our mandate to leverage the power of place to craft a powerful, compelling brand. 

Radiant energy

Uniting working, living and socializing, One Fulton Market had the scale and significance to cement the value and legacy of its neighborhood, and become the true center of it.

We used light painting imagery as a backdrop for heroic expressions of the brand, reflecting the notion of One Fulton Market being the energy core of Fulton Market. Glowing with an industrial incandescent quality, it evoked the area’s proud manufacturing heritage and irrepressible tenacity.

Signature connection

The brand’s dynamic contrast came through a graphic language inspired by digital connection. A series of oblong ‘stadia’ (lozenges like those common across online platforms) created a sense that the neighborhood was in conversation — a socially inspired graphical device able to convey the depth found here in everything from local restaurants to the many amenities within One Fulton Market itself.

Creating a suite of handwritten signatures for the word ‘one’ was a way of adding a human touch to the identity – the mark of the community itself. It reflects the notion that everyone here contributes to what makes Fulton Market special: every exchange makes a mark.

A brand of and for its neighborhood inspired by the energy, connection and human imprint of the community that now revolve around its new central point at One Fulton Market

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