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Isokon Plus

The Isokon Furniture Company was founded in the 1930s by Jack Pritchard, a British entrepreneur and visionary who believed in the power of design to transform society. Nearly 90 years later, we collaborated with his successors to evolve this heritage brand for the future.

Modernising a heritage brand

The original graphic identity was designed by Bauhaus professor László Moholy-Nagy. Informed by a visit to the company’s extensive archives, refining the word marque was an exercise of sensibility and restraint. The introduction of the ‘plus’ symbol is a nod to collaboration with designers like Marcel Breuer and Barber & Osgerby, a hallmark of the brand since the very start.

171106 Iso Press Pack 05 Wordmarque Construction 171106 Iso Press Pack 03 Archive Heritage 171106 Iso Press Pack 04B Archive Heritage

For ease. Forever.

Isokon Plus should be a household name. The company has been producing beautiful, highly crafted furniture for decades, but their brand hasn’t received the attention it deserves. The collateral therefore treats the brand with confidence. It balances the iconic orange with a renewed sense of materiality. 

171106 Iso Press Pack 07 Lookbook2017 171106 Iso Press Pack 08 Packaging 171106 Iso Press Pack 09 Packaging 171106 Iso Press Pack 21 Design Junction2017

Art direction

To reflect the new aspiration for the brand we collaborated with international architectural photographer Rory Gardiner. We chose two locations to show two different attitudes: an east London warehouse showcases living with Isokon, while the shuttered concrete backdrop of the National Theatre celebrates the plywood and timber materials.

171106 Iso Press Pack 18 Art Direction 171106 Iso Press Pack 14 Art Direction 171106 Iso Press Pack 13 Art Direction 171106 Iso Press Pack 17 Art Direction 171106 Iso Press Pack 16 Art Direction 171106 Iso Press Pack 19 Art Direction

A digital brand

Isokon Plus does not have a physical showroom, so the ambition for the website was to create a home for the brand in the digital space. The multi-platform e-commerce website provides new forums for telling the story of Isokon Plus and its collaborators, while offering its customers a seamless shopping experience. 

171106 Iso Press Pack 11 Website Product 171106 Iso Press Pack 12 Mobile Overview
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