Recognising transformative architecture of the home

The Davidson Prize

Named after the late architect and visualiser Alan Davidson, The Davidson Prize is a new prize recognising transformative architecture of the home. Marking its launch with a panel of renowned judges including Alison Brooks, Thomas Heatherwick and Narinder Sagoo, we created a bold identity that puts a spotlight on the future of homes and its impact on people.


The Alan Davidson Foundation wanted to create a new annual architecture prize that celebrated not only good design but what it meant for people and how they live.

As a totally new prize with a different point of view, the main challenge was to create an eyecatching identity and campaign with a clear mission statement — in order to attract and compel leading architects and designers to enter.

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The importance of our living spaces will only increase over the coming years. Capturing this defining shift in awareness and urgency, we helped the team distil their motivating mission — to become the prize for transformative architecture of the home, rewarding imaginative solutions to the challenges of future living.

Furthermore, in recognition of the challenge of 2020, the team has chosen a powerful theme for the first year of the prize: Home/Work. From just 5% pre-lockdown, 60% of people now say they would like to work from home more often: but working from kitchen tables or your bedroom isn’t exactly meeting these new needs. Home/Work offers an exciting challenge relevant to entrants from across the world.

Creative idea

Taking cues from how the prize casts a spotlight on this under-awarded area of architecture, and the geometry of architectural design, our primary visual references the synergies between architecture, technology and effective human communication.

The brand is also a flexible and adaptable system, much like the nature of our spaces which are constantly evolving. Our ‘graphic spotlight’ houses typography and imagery, but more importantly, it celebrates the people and projects that define the prize.


We created a vibrant website that brings to life this year’s theme, as well as sharing the compelling story of Alan Davidson and his life working to progress this industry. To really engage all new audiences, we’ve gathered six inspiring stories of Home/Work spaces — ranging from the iconic Eames House to the simple and space-saving Light Shed in East London.

The Davidson Prize has been featured in Architects' Journal.

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