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Now more than ever, places of work need to be extraordinary. They need to nurture learning and collaboration, inspire us, help us to keep fit, and draw people back together. At YY London, we created a brand that signals the future of work environments as places that aim to change how people feel.


As the first building you see when you arrive in Canary Wharf, YY London's beautiful and distinctive design by Buckley Gray Yeoman is immediately striking and arresting. This positive experience continues inside with meaningful amenities, far-reaching views and a strong focus on wellbeing.

Here, it is clear that the design of spaces have a powerful effect on how we feel, and therefore how we perform. We took this insight and created a brand around expressing YY London’s central motivation — that when we feel good, we work great.

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Name and brand identity

The architecture’s curvilinear form was a real gift for creating a singularly recognisable identity. Taking inspiration from its distinctive ogee arches, we named this landmark YY London, and refined the curves to create a powerful typographic mark. YY London’s identity is confident in its simplicity and yet, through playful application, invites us to consider our workplaces in a more human, holistic way.

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Ahead of YY London’s completion, we wanted to create a film that uses animation to bring to life the transportive power of incredible architecture. The result, made in collaboration with award-winning production studio Made by Stella, is the story of what can happen when we break free of boxed thinking, actively step outside our lane and choose a rule-bending kind of workspace. See the full film on the website we also created.

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