Designing for an industrial revolution

Wayfinding at Here East

London’s home for making — Here East is a new campus in East London for businesses pushing technology and entrepreneurs creating smart and connected products. We created a wayfinding system to navigate its 1.2 million sq ft that is inspiring and intuitive to this specialist audience.

Rooted in making

Vibrant and memorable, the wayfinding system borrows from the language of electronic circuitry familiar and distinct to Here East’s maker community.

He Wayfinding 03 He Wayfinding 04

Symbol language

Directional arrows show the flow of energy. Reception desks are gateways to the next area, or transistors. Motors signify lifts. As in a circuit, the symbols are joined by lines to form a giant floor graphic connecting the whole campus.

Dnco Here East Wayfinding Internal7 He Wayfinding 02 Here East Icons He Wayfinding 09

Beacons of disruption

The external wayfinding includes a five-metre sky sign (created by Hawkins\Brown using our brand typeface) and folded totems around the perimeter of the site — their odd and angular articulation reflecting the disruptive nature of Here East.

Dnco Here East 19 He Wayfinding 06 He Wayfinding 05 He Wayfinding 08
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