Material matters

The Cabot

A beautiful transformation by Carmody Groarke brought a new depth and lightness to this classic Canary Wharf building. Designed by SOM in the 1980s the building had outlived its original pattern of use and we reflected the new opportunity and elegant materiality in striking form.

A powerful pattern language

Terrazzo plays a central role in the new ground floor experience and we highlighted the graphic nature of this material in our solution. In distinct contrast to the granite of the Canary Wharf estate, the bold texture gives an immediately recognisable and sharp new identity to the building.

Dnco The Cabot Thumbnail Dnco The Cabot Pencil Placeholder

Structured communications

The strong lighting grid introduced into the building's new reception inspired a graphic treatment that flowed across multiple elements bringing structure and definition to communications. At the same time, the tooth and texture of a palette of sustainable papers added a soft tactility to printed matter.

Dnco The Cabot 1 Dnco The Cabot 7 Dnco The Cabot 3

Presentation perfect

An elegant on-floor experience in oak and brass brought the Cabot to life. We used Showhere — our dedicated presentation platform to sell the compelling vision and adapt to new requirements during the campaign.

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