The story of a business in miniature


Stanhope is a development powerhouse with over £20 billion of completed projects. We created an exhibition to capture and celebrate 30 years of success.

Power through understatement

Our monochrome concept stood in stark contrast to other exhibitors by shunning blue-sky photo-real CGIs. Instead, we put the focus on Stanhope's significant contributions to the industry, notable collaborations and bar-setting construction projects. Pools of light from custom-made pendants pick out alabaster white models of key projects.

Dnco Stanhope 02 Dnco Stanhope 03 Dnco Stanhope 04 Dnco Stanhope 04A

Exhibition catalogue

The pocket-sized catalogue sums up 30 years in miniature format, over 100 pages of case studies to illustrate the breadth and depth of Stanhope's experience. 

Dnco Stanhope 06 Dnco Stanhope 07
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