Thirty years in miniature

Stanhope is a development powerhouse with £15bn of completed projects. When faced with putting on an exhibition about themselves, they turned to dn&co for advice. 

Our strategy for the space was simple: desaturate in order to stand in stark contrast to other exhibitors’ typically blue sky images, and treat key project case studies as jewels made with their partners. Driven by details and construction quality, the design highlights their significant contributions to the industry, notable collaborations and bar-setting construction projects. 

Taking their monochromatic branding, the stand is bold in its simplicity. Pools of light from custom-made pendants pick out alabaster white models of key recent projects. 

An A6 booklet – constructed from a stack of sheets simply folded and sewn – compiles thirty years in miniature with real and computer imagery harmonised in black and white.

Stanhope 01 ExhibtionStanhope 02 ExhibtionStanhope 03 Exhibtion
Stanhope 04 Exhibtion
Stanhope 05 Exhibtion
Stanhope 06 Exhibtion
Stanhope 07 Exhibtion
Stanhope 11 Print
Stanhope 09 Print
Stanhope 10 Print