Exhibition for St James’s

Introducing village London

The St James’s exhibition and marketing suite is arranged in three sections to communicate the life and future of this 350 year-old London village. With beautiful oak flooring and gallery-level finish, the space is also home to our placemaking works and newspaper for St James’s.

The first section presents the fine products of St James’s. With rows of Floris perfume bottles, wooden lasts from John Lobb and catalogues from White Cube and Christie’s to mention a few, items cover the area’s reputation for art, dining and bespoke services.

In the centre, a model of St James’s is crafted in wood and limed in white. The model is not only a beautiful representation but works as a surface for projections that illustrate future plans.

Bringing to life the sights and sounds of St James’s – the snip of the shirtmaker’s scissors, the calls of “service”, and the auctioneer’s gavel – a film concludes the brand experience at the large deal-ready conference table.

Our work in St James’s was recognised by D&AD with an award for Integrated Graphics.

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