Sea Containers

Rebranding a London landmark

With the longest river frontage of any office building in London, Sea Containers is a London landmark. The internal reality, however, didn’t match its riverside status, and redevelopment was undertaken to rectify this and make the most of its awe-inspiring views from the London Eye to London Bridge. Plans also included the addition of a new building to the south and the launch of the first Mondrian hotel outside of the United States. Rebranding was twofold; to update its image and explain the complexities of the site.

With architecture strongly influenced by its sea-faring connections, the new marque is similarly based on a sextant – a marine navigational device – and the interlocking ‘S’ and ‘C’ of Sea Containers in copper, a material being used extensively by Tom Dixon in the internal redesign. The brochure included illustrations of the site’s reconfiguration and editorial tip-in section on life around Sea Containers. The website is brought to life with time-lapse imagery of Sea Containers on the river moving through day and night. An iPad app also provided the client with a sophisticated sales tool to sell the area and the building using 3D maps and illustrations. 

Sea Containers was successfully let pre-completion to Ogilvy and Puma.

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