London Collections: Men A/W14

Refashioning lost knowledge

Working with the collective craftsmen of Jermyn Street and St James’s in their second event at London Collections: Men, we were asked to help reveal the tricks of their trade through a series of seven films to be exhibited at Fortnum & Mason.

Imparting the often lost knowledge of these heritage brands, the videos are modern and bold in their visual simplicity. Laying out their tools, the black and white format encourages audiences to concentrate on the detailed explanations: the precise folding of shirts ready for packing by Head Butler of The Ritz, the correct method of rolling a Lock & Co. Panama hat, or the circular polishing motions crucial to achieving a perfect guardsman shine.

Embracing the how-to spirit, the printed invitation also encouraged international press to compile their favourite films’ notes in a bespoke system made from the invitation itself. A website further consolidated the films into an online guide to the secrets of English elegance.

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