Jermyn Street St James’s

London Collections: Men S/S14

Jermyn Street St James’s is the first accessories specialist event at London Collections: Men – Britain’s answer to Men’s Fashion Week, orchestrated by the British Fashion Council and chaired by Dylan Jones OBE. Hand-picked by the Associate Editor of GQ, Robert Johnston, fifteen pieces from the finest shirtmakers, shoemakers and grooming specialists in the area were shown at Fortnum & Mason.

With solid-cut type in striking fluoro-orange, the modern identity asks audiences to reevaluate this area and its unique concentration of world-class craftsmen, as well as demonstrate the currency and relevancy of the beautiful pieces on show. Macro photography of the fine details are used varyingly across a set of invitations and the show’s programmes, which include the history and details of every piece and supplier. Gift vouchers were also produced, directing editors to specific shops, where each were proudly displaying their bespoke signage.

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