An exhibition for London Design Festival

It’s a sign!

Finding our way and getting lost is part of life, but as the world opens up and we start to explore our cities again, how do we know where to go and what we’ll find when we get there?

Wayfinding: it’s a conversation

It’s easy to say, but wayfinding either works or it doesn’t — you know pretty quickly if you can’t find the toilet or your way out. But it’s more than that. It’s a conversation between two people, and like all conversations it can be funny, uplifting and kind; a gentle nudge in the right direction and a guiding hand on your elbow. Equally it can be moving, threatening or mean; we’ve all been the recipient of a passive aggressive fridge note, or the stomach-churning diktats of border control.

We wanted to share those conversations so we put out an open-call for photographic submissions to be mounted in our Ground Floor Space gallery as part of London Design Festival. And what treasures we received…

Its A Sign Exhibition1 New
Its A Sign Exhibition2 New Its A Sign Exhibition3

A typological identity

We created a bold identity to brand the show and attract entries from across the world. To reflect the broad and eclectic language of signs we selected four characterfully different typefaces by our good friends at Colophon Foundry; Aperçu, Brick Display, Central Avenue and Monosten. Paired with a bank of stereotypical sign silhouettes, we could mix and match the type styles to create an ever-changing identity that works across printed and digital media.

It’s a Sign led Design Week’s ‘Things to see and do at LDF’ and was also covered by It’s Nice That.

Its A Sign Cover New Its A Sign Inner New Its A Sign Booklet Hero New Its A Sign Entrance New
Contributors include Tom Howe, Nathalie Shores, Samual Ryde, Victoria Boorman, Peter Bruce, Mark Hooper, noparkinginlondon, Rebecca McBride, Sam Jones, Andy Bolton, Danny McNeil, Benjamin Bostock, Anastasia Angeli, Hailey Savage, Florian Gadsby, Rosie Cade, Joy Nazzari, Mike Whitfield, Hannah Giblett, Tim George, Alice Bosc, Tom Hostler, Adam Duckett, Julia Miceli Pitta, Alex Fenton, George Cudby, Rhiannon Jones, Zoë Barrett, Melissa Price, Finn O’Brien, Patrick Eley & Abbie Freeman
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