Launching our own gallery

Ground Floor Space

We launched our new gallery — Ground Floor Space — with Co-ordinates, an exhibition of A1 prints mapping London for London Design Festival.


Perhaps no city has ever been as mapped as London — the winding Thames, it’s an unofficial logo. But we all see and experience the city differently. Joining forces, we asked 25 of London’s top design studios and artists to map London as they see it. The resulting limited edition two-colour screenprints were made available to purchase, with net proceeds benefitting homeless charity Streets of London.

02 Co Ordinates 17 Co Ordinates 14 Co Ordinates 16 Co Ordinates

Exhibition identity

The two-colour exhibition identity is directly informed by the shapes and symbols found in mapping. Each abstracted form was expressed across online media, packaging, large-scale information graphics, and exhibition catalogue.

08 Co Ordinates 09 Co Ordinates 06 Co Ordinates 04 Co Ordinates

The Lungs of London

Our own poster stripped out buildings, roads and railways to reveal the breathing spaces of the city. London’s green spaces become fluorescent pockets showing the integral nature and invaluable impact of public parks on every area of the city.

Detail 20A Detail 21A
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