Exploring the world of ASMR

The Design Museum

Described as a tingling sensation or a “brain massage”, ASMR is loved by millions across the world. Far from being a niche interest, there are online communities dedicated to the art of producing triggers to make people feel good. One of the first exhibitions of its kind, the Design Museum explores the genre as a creative discipline; we created the campaign to capture this weird and wonderful world.

Designing a responsive identity

The beauty of ASMR is in its non-conformity. Triggers vary widely and can come from anywhere — whether it’s the dulcet tones of Bob Ross or the crinkly sounds of a foil-wrapped chocolate bar.

Inspired by the spectrum of triggers, we created an audio-responsive identity. Static lines and graphic waveforms represent the audio inputs, animating to the tones and intensities of the sounds.

Warning: goosebumps ahead

The Design Museum’s exhibition breaks new ground as the first of its kind to extract ASMR from the virtual realm and bring it into the physical world. We playfully mimicked trigger warnings with messages that hint at goosebumps and tingling sensations. The identity aims to celebrate the quirks of the ASMR universe and invite those unfamiliar to experience these sensations.

Embracing imperfections

Thanks to the reactive nature of the identity, we’re able to generate endless variations for billboards and social media while keeping a distinct look for the exhibition. We refrained from slick animation styles, instead choosing textural and intentionally fuzzy movements. This analogue feel reflects the tactile processes of making ASMR triggers. Paired with calming hues of purple and blue, the identity evokes the pleasing comforts of ASMR.

Tickets to the exhibition now on sale.

Photography: Tian Khee Siong
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