Otl Aicher’s Isny

German designer Otl Aicher is best known for branding Lufthansa, the 1972 Munich Olympics and founding the influential Ulm School. His work for Isny im Allgäu pushed the boundaries of how a small town could represent itself through design.

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Limited edition print run
Preface by Norman Foster
116 pages
44 pages of rare and unseen works

Otl Aicher’s idea for Isny was to create something unlike any other in the region: no typical colour photography of mountains, cows and farmhouses. In fact, no colour at all. He called it the “antithesis of the postcard mentality.”

With stops at the Ulm School and Aicher’s former studio in Rotis, this book delves into how this Alpine town shed photography of its postcard-perfect landscapes in favour of presenting itself through a modernist ideal: stark, reductive and entirely black and white.

This is the first book by dn&co’s sister company, Place Press.

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