Hey Neighbour! What message would you want to send as a neighbour?

We posed this question to some of the world’s best designers. The resulting limited edition prints are available to purchase with net proceeds going to our neighbours, The Manna Society a charity that helps the homeless in London Bridge.

Designed by Supple Studio

Size A1 (841 x 594mm), screenprinted in Pantone 8023 on 175gsm GF Smith Colorplan Marrs Green

Editions of 20


For me being a good neighbour comes down to sharing. If you live in a city then the chances are you’ll be living pretty close to your fellow neighbours (maybe even slap bang on top of each other). So tolerance and a willingness to share are key. To my mind it’s not my neighbourhood I live in; its our neighbourhood. My poster is an attempt to distil this message down to its simplest form.

— Supple Studio

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