New York state of mind

This project sets out a challenge: how do you create the required profile for a high end but ultimately off-piste development set in London's old rag trade district? The answer was to give it a New York state of mind.

New York loves a corner address, and we brought the thinking to this development's location on Wells and Mortimer streets in London's West End, leading to the name wells&more. Utilised throughout the development's planning, construction and launch, the tried&tested visual identity is clean, clear and resolutely graphic, united by a simple yet prolific literary device; the couplet. Deliverables included website and sales interactive, pre and post-completion brochures, pre and post-completion marketing suites and film.

An original mechanic was used in print to show the reader highly graphical content on matt stock on one side and beautiful high gloss architectural photography on the other. This was achieved by trimming 5mm off every other page. The back&forth concept was the ultimate manifestation of the brand concept and was awarded a D&AD. The project also won Best UK Office Campaign at the PMAs.